state: Motor power is
true ON
false OFF
  1. Get the motor power state

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/get_motor_state "{}"
  2. Turn ON/OFF the motor power

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/set_motor_state "state: true"


state: Brake is
true Lock
false Release
  1. Get the brake state

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/get_brake_state "{}"
  2. Set the brake state

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/set_brake_state "state: [false, false, false, false, false, false]"


red: green: blue: blink_rate:
0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255
blink_rate: Description
0 LED is always ON
255 LED is slowly blinking


If you set the blink_rate small number, LED blinks quickly. Fast blinking will affect on your body.

$ rosservice call /cobotta/set_LED_state  "{red: 255, green: 255, blue: 255, blink_rate: 255}"


  1. Clear all errors

    Clear errors except for FATAL error:

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/clear_error

    This command is the same as both /cobotta/clear_robot_error and /cobotta/clear_safe_state.


    When the motor power is ON, this command causes Bus voltage failure. So we recommend not to execute this command when the motor is ON. If Bus voltage failure occurs, you can clear it by executing rosservice call /clear_robot_error.

  2. Clear robot errors

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/clear_robot_error
  3. Clear a safe state

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/clear_safe_state

    After executing this command and robot errors don’t occur, you are able to turn on the motor power.


    When the motor power is this command causes Bus voltage failure. Please refer to the note of /cobotta/clear_error.

  4. FATAL error

    If a FATAL error occurs, quit all applications and shutdown Ubuntu.
    When the COBOTTA’s LED light has gone out,
    turn off the COBOTTA’s power swtich.

    So restart COBOTTA.


Calibrating the relationship between position information recognized by the robot controller and the actual position of the robot arm is called CALSET.

  1. Edit the RANG value

    Look at the QR code side of COBOTTA:


    Edit <a>, <b>, <c>, <d>, <e>, <f> to denso_cobotta_ros/denso_cobotta_driver/config/parameters.yaml:

    - <a>
    - <b>
    - <c>
    - <d>
    - <e>
    - <f>
  2. Run the denso_cobotta_driver node


    $ roslaunch denso_cobotta_driver denso_cobotta_driver.launch

    Enter the CALSET command:

    $ rosservice call /cobotta/exec_calset
  4. Run MoveIt


    To make sure that the emergency Stop button is NOT pressed because Motor does not become on.


    $ roslaunch denso_cobotta_bringup denso_cobotta_bringup.launch [gripper_type:=parallel|vacuum]